Smith, Geoff

Smith, Geoff

Camera Technology Specialist at AbelCine  

Geoff Smith joined AbelCine in 2015 as a Camera Technology Specialist with a focus on workflows from capture to post-production. He as been a technical editor of AbelCine's blog since 2017.  

Geoff has a background in technology from web development to content management at companies like VMware, Lucasfilm and Silicon Graphics (SGI). Prior to joining AbelCine, he worked on an independent feature as a DIT and Assistant Editor. A passionate photographer, his editorial and fine art work has been published in newspapers and magazines, as well as exhibited in New York City and online.  

Originally from New York, Geoff graduated from California State University, Chico earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design with an emphasis in Media Arts.  

Color Accuracy: From On-Set to Post
Wednesday, October 25 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM