Golub, Ben

Golub, Ben

CEO at Storj

Ben Golub, CEO of Storj, is a tech leader with a history of transformative leadership. As a co-founder of Docker, a pioneer in container and microservices technology, and the former leader of Gluster, a groundbreaking open-source cloud storage platform, Ben has a track record of shaping industry trends.

 Under his stewardship, Storj continues to disrupt the traditional cloud models, setting new standards for distributed cloud object storage. Designed for enterprise workloads, Storj harnesses existing storage capacity offering an environmentally conscious alternative with compelling performance, security and economic advantages. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ben is a staunch advocate for sustainability in the technology sector. He is driving Storj’s initiatives to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. With Ben Golub at the helm, Storj is not just revolutionizing storage; it's pioneering a sustainable tech revolution.

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