Brena, Arturo

Brena, Arturo

Founder and CEO at Keex Frame

Always motivated by challenges and finding creative solutions, Arturo Brena has established his career in both live TV and commercials by combining his technical background and artistic sensibilities. With formal studies in computer science, marketing and 3D animation, and his native drive for design and aesthetics, Arturo’s career and passion thrive most at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Throughout his 20 years in the media & entertainment industry, he has worked at animation studios and some of the biggest TV networks in the world guiding each project to success (NBC, CBS, CCTV, TELEVISA, etc). With his background as a 3D animator, vfx compositor and 3D real-time graphics specialist, Arturo Brena has developed the necessary foundation to not only consistently see opportunities for industry innovation and development, but to conceptualize and lead projects that define the new cutting edge in graphics on-air technology.

Arturo began his career as a 3D Animator and Real-Time Graphics Artist. He has evolved into a manager and a leader focusing on advanced graphics, creative direction and on-air operational work-flow optimization. Additionally, he has creatively and technically led the graphics for some of the most ambitious projects in Live TV including: Olympics , Elections, Worldcups and 50+ other live shows in news, sports and entertainment.

He was awarded an EMMY for innovative live-camera tracking and real-time graphics, 2 EMMY nominations, several BDAs for his achievements in art direction and graphics technology.

Arturo currently resides in New york city and has worked in Mexico, Germany, Greece and Israel, giving him a multicultural approach to problem solving.

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Thursday, October 26 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM