The Virtual Production Revolution: A Real Time Love Affair

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Thursday, October 26   |   11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

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Virtual Production is not just about the use of LED walls and securing a great stage, but an ever-evolving set of technology solutions and practices.  These new workflows are creating cost-effective efficiencies, new creative pipelines and world-building solutions for content producers.  From concept to completion, hear from NY Virtual Production experts at leveraging new tools and to make Virtual Production their go to production technique.  


Takeaways from this Session
  • Redefining Virtual Production: Going beyond LED Volumes and transforming the analog world into digital.
  • Using Hybrid Techniques: Green Screens, Led Walls and a host of technologies coming together for a production.
  • Creative Collaboration Pipelines: Streamlining multiple aspects of production including pre-visualization approaches.


Arturo Brena
Founder and CEO
Keex Frame
Ian Fursa
VP Toolkit
Christina Lee Storm
Founder and CEO


Jim Rider
Virtual Production Supervisor