How to Cull and Organize Your Photos with AI and Quick Decisions

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Thursday, October 26   |   10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

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In today’s digital age, we’re snapping photos at lightning speed, leading to sprawling collections that can easily become chaotic. This session offers a deep dive into the art of efficient photo organization, ensuring your most precious moments stand out and aren’t buried beneath the clutter.

When you attend, you’ll unlock:

  • Snapshot Selection Skills: Learn expert tactics to pinpoint your standout shots, transforming your endless stream of photos into a curated gallery of your finest moments.
  • AI to the Rescue: Unravel the magic of AI-driven tools, allowing you to harness cutting-edge technology to swiftly and smartly declutter and navigate your extensive photo archive.
  • Tech-Tools Showcase: A hands-on guide to the latest software and applications that employ AI for effortless photo management. Set yourself up with practical steps to master your media!

Join us for this captivating session, and equip yourself with the know-how to craft a user-friendly media library that will be enjoyed for generations! 


Angela Andrieux
Product Evangelist